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CBD Dawg is an indica-dominant hybrid strain whose great-grandparents are the famous OG Kush and Sour Diesel. CBD Dawg delivers a nice, tranquil vibe without any drowsiness, which makes it great for day-to-day consumption.

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CBD flower customers asked and CBD Hemp Direct listened. We just dropped 'The Ultimate' CBD flower sampler ; Jazzy, Berry Exotic, Durban Potion, Juicy Fruit, Sunset Road Sherbert, Casino Cookies, Honolulu Haze, AC Diesel #2, Chardonnay #2…CBD flower - Strawberry - Cbweed - Happy seedshttps://happycannaseeds.com/cbd-flower-strawberry-cbweedCBD flower - Strawberry - Cbweed. CBD flower by Italian company Cbweed. Those cannabis buds called Strawberry with more than 13 % of CBD are available in packages by 2g or 5g.

Whole Flower CBD allows for the Entourage Effect and many other benefits. Highest quality CBD supplements. We care about your health! #gotCBD.